The level of care provided by our nursing supervisors goes beyond their years of experience and individual expertise to include our unique approach. Each each team member below embraces our commitment to care coordination and creating the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Chief Operating Officer
Executive Director of Nursing Services Administrator


Diana brings over 20 years of nursing and administrative experience to Comfort Home Care. Her vision and strategic growth plans have been an invaluable asset to Comfort Home Care. She has been instrumental in obtaining and maintaining many milestones, awards and accreditations for Comfort Home Care since her joining our team. She fosters a culture of respect while maintaining relationships to keep Comfort Home Care on the front line of Home Care in the industry. The reputation and image of the company is maintained by her moto of “lead by example”, no job is too big or small for her team to take on. This philosophy has proven very successful by integrating her hands on experiences that range from multiple specialties of nursing, to administrative rolls throughout her career. This has allowed her to lead while continuing overall oversight and management, incorporating growth strategy while being mindful of the changing rolls of home care in the health care world.   Prior to joining us at Comfort Home Care, Diana’s nursing career was in nursing administration with the role of administrative nursing supervisor at Holy Family Hospital.

Diana joined our team in 2010, working briefly in the field before accepting a management and then administrative roll in Comfort Home Care. Diana is an RN with a board certification in psychiatric nursing who brings years of administrative experience and training to our team.

Director of Education

Jenna, a Board Certified BSN-RN, brings over 12 years of nursing experience to Comfort Home Care. Before joining our team as a Case Manager in 2010, she also worked in medical, GI/GU/GYN surgical, oncology, & pediatric nursing. Jenna is currently responsible for CHC’s orientation & preceptor programs, as well as all clinical staff development as our Director Of Education.

Director of Rehabilitation

Kelly, a MS,OTR/L, initiated her occupational therapy career in 2003 in the orthopedic outpatient field. She treated a variety of upper extremity diagnoses with a focus on the hand and work injuries. Homecare then became her passion where she thrived on functional environmental treatments. In 2010, Kelly became the Director of Rehab at CHC.

Assistant Director of Nursing

Whitney has been a registered nurse since 2005. His nursing experience includes emergency nursing, inpatient psychiatric nursing and home care nursing. He has been with us since 2008, working in the Newburyport/Haverhill area prior to becoming Lynn area nursing supervisor in August 2011. Whitney is board certified in psychiatric nursing.

Assistant Director of Nursing

With more than 7 years of experience in a post-anesthetic care unit (PACU), Medical Surgical care, home care setting as well as rehabilitation nursing, Grace has been with us since May 2010. She worked in the Lynn Area before becoming the Worcester/Haverhill supervisor in May 2011. Grace is board certified in psychiatric nursing.


DANIELLE PICA Haverhill Area Supervisor

Danielle’s nursing background is in acute rehabilitation and psychiatric mental health nursing. She worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital as a charge nurse on a geri-psych floor and subspecialized in adult/geri detox. Danielle has been with CHC since May 2015, working as RN Case Manager on the Lowell team prior to becoming the Haverhill Supervisor. Danielle is a board certified psychiatric nurse.

TANYA DESMARAIS Lowell Supervisor

Tanya is the manager for the Lowell area. She has been a Registered Nurse since 2006. Her nursing experience includes cardiac care and med surg. Tanya joined CHC in 2014, working as nurse case manager in the Lowell area before her promotion to Lowell Area Nursing Supervisor in 2015. Tanya is board certified in psychiatric nursing.

SUSAN NJUGUNA Lynn Supervisor

Susan has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing/Graduate Certificate in Business Management. Her vast experience includes working in psychiatric, medical/surgical, and rehabilitation nursing. Since joining Comfort Home Care in 2011, she has worked as a field nurse in the Lynn/Lynn North, Malden, and Middlesex South areas prior to becoming the Lynn Nursing Supervisor. Susan is board certified in psychiatric nursing.

AMY BROWN Malden Area Supervisor

Amy has been a nurse for over 15 years, with experience that ranges from pediatrics to geri-psych to the psych unit at Tewksbury State Hospital. Amy has been with us since September 2009 and worked in the Greater Lowell area prior to becoming the Malden Area Nursing Supervisor in October 2011.

DEBORAH ADAMS Middlesex North/West Supervisor

Deb has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and her experience includes medical/surgical nursing, emergency department, and nursing in the prison system in Maryland. She joined Comfort Home Care in 2012 working as a field nurse before being promoted to the Middlesex North/West Nursing Supervisor in January of 2014.

KENNETH MUTEGYEKI Middlesex South Supervisor

Kenneth’s experience ranges from respiratory rehab, cardiac, orthopedic rehab, and geriatric care. He also has experience with psychiatric nursing both in the community and more organized settings. He joined Comfort Home Care in 2012 as field Nurse in the Framingham area and was promoted to nursing supervisor in October 2014 for the Middlesex North East region.

GEORGE GACHUMA Worcester Supervisor

A nurse with cardiac rehab, orthopedic rehab, and respiratory rehab experience. He also has extensive experience in psychiatric nursing. George joined us in September 2011 as a field nurse working in Worcester and the surrounding towns. He became a nursing supervisor in May 2012 for the Middlesex region. George is board certified in psychiatric nursing.

CRISTE ANTONIO Greater Worcester Supervisor

Criste has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and has been a registered nurse for 20 years. He has extensive experience in cardio-thoracic-vascular post-operative, intensive care, rehabilitative, and psychiatric nursing. He has worked as a field nurse in the Framingham area before becoming supervisor for the Greater Worcester area.